The new 50,000 square foot David and Carol Lackland Center at Centenary College in Hackettstown, NJ opened July 2010 and is expected to be the most sophisticated space of its kind in northwest New Jersey. The two story building houses a 485 seat proscenium arch theater, a black box studio theater, a dance studio, television and radio studio, classrooms, faculty offices, a scenery and prop shop and the main dining facility for the campus. Gillespie Electric, Inc’s ambitious attitude provided the ability to surmount challenges and quickly complete modifications on site that arose while working on this extremely complicated, unique building design. The two year project required close coordination, extensive layout detail to ensure the electrical systems were integrated with the work of other trades and on-going dialogue with other contractors was paramount. Many challenges had to be overcome to bring this project to a timely completion and Gillespie Electric’s experience, attention to detail, flexibility, preplanning and coordination allowed this to happen. Installations had to be of superior quality because significant amounts of the electrical work are exposed, requiring vigilance on the part of every electrician on the job site. This extreme care and pride in workmanship is evident throughout the entire project. Quality, safe and reliable work was not sacrificed in completing this highly advanced structure.