Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors

Industrial and Commercial Electrical Contractors

Working hard for our customers with quality and reliable service has always been the backbone of Gillespie Electric, Inc, founded in 1973. Times and technology have certainly changed since then, but our focus on workmanship and integrity have not. That is how Gillespie Electric has built their customer base to cover Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. We deliver safe, quality work, on time and under budget, for every job.

For over 40 years, we have built up an expert staff that specializes in getting jobs done safely, effectively and efficiently. We are known for our customer service and satisfaction, as well as, the knowledge and attitude of our entire team.

Our company's success through the years is attributed to our visionary thinking. Experience doesn't mean we're attached to old ideas. We are in touch with current issues of the world and remain educated on the newest installation methods and safety measures, enabling us to offer our clients the best in the field.

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What Our Clients Say About Us

I had the privilege to get to know Terah Williams and Gillespie Electric in fall of 2013. We were in the final stages of design and entitlements on a 260,000sf green field cold storage facility in Quakertown, Pennsylvania and were looking for highly qualified electrical subcontractors with design build experience. During our prequalification process we checked numerous references and visited prior projects completed by Gillespie. All recommendations and observations were made with high regard. We ran our competitive bid process with ten prequalified subcontractors and Gillespie Electric not only had a competitive edge but was also very comprehensive in their evaluation of the request for proposal documents as well as identification and inclusion of key critical scope items that were somewhat ambiguous. During the bid evaluation Terah was thorough and detailed in every aspect of the process so as to provide a complete picture prior to award. The pre award process was indicative of the relationship. We selected Gillespie Electric for the project and Terah directly managed smooth and predictable delivery of the work. The Contract Value was approximately $2 million. Terah, Gillespie and the entire project Team delivered the project in accordance with contract documents at times exceeding expectations. Over the duration of the project I felt that procurement and activities were being managed in an efficient manner and that we were getting good value. Terah remained involved with all activities on a daily basis assuring not only employee loyalty and performance but also the successful performance and completion of their work. Gillespie Electric has since been successful in the competitive bid process on two additional projects for our firm and I can unconditionally recommend both Terah Williams and Gillespie Electric as a qualified electrical subcontractor for projects of similar scope and size. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

~ Josh Currie, Senior Project Manager, Primus Builders, Inc.