The Coach's Quick Notes - August 2020

Posted: Monday, August 10, 2020
By: Gillespie Electric, Inc.
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A good manager must be able to motivate others. That is what separates the top tier managers from the wannabes. There is one key point – you can not motivate others if you are not motivated yourself – period.

Wanting others to be pumped when you are not is living in a fantasy world. So how can you be pumped when there is so much “stuff” going on? Simply – it takes hard work – but it is worth it.

Anyone can be “up” when there are lots of reasons to be up. Duh. The best of the best are “up” even when there are lots of reasons to be down. The best always believes there is a

solution to every situation out there; yes, every single one. That is a foundational belief of The Coach as well. I didn’t say the solutions will always be easy or pleasant, but there will be a solution.

When the “boss” gets down, then the wheels come off of the bus very quickly. Folks pick up on that lead and emulate it with gusto. Just bad mouth a client to your “team” and see what happens. Nor pretty, is it?

So What To Do.

First, commit to never whining about anything that happens. “Stuff” happens, always has and always will. Just remember, every situation has a solution; but you can’t be whining and find a solution at the same time. And you can’t find a solution looking for someone to blame, right?

So, get your attitude right. There is nothing to complain about, particularly in front of your team. The Navy Seals have a great line – “The easiest day was yesterday”.

Want to get motivated so you can motivate others? Look for the good things that are happening. There are always more good things than bad or you wouldn’t still be in business. Become a good finder and your attitude will change - a lot. Start recognizing folks for what they are doing well and t

hey will get better and better.

A caveat - if you have someone on your team who is totally negative you have a real problem. A negative attitude is toxic; it is a poison in your system. Think of the rotten apple in a barrel theory. You can’t motivate others if someone is bad mouthing you, the company, etc., etc. on your team. Plus, if you don’t deal with it promptly you will lose the respect of others,

Yep, I agree, being up all the time is a real challenge. But that is the mark of a good leader – think Winston Churchill in WWII. If it was easy everyone would be a great leader. Willing to take the challenge? Got feedback, contact The Coach.

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