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Posted: Thursday, August 9, 2018
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The most drama occurs when we have what I must describe as “lousy” communication. I understand that sounds harsh but I consider it an accurate reflection of what is happening not only in the business world, but across the board right now.

There is certainly not enough face to face communication in this modern tech world. There is a lot of “communication” with all the technology available today, but that doesn’t mean we have highly effective communication. Drama occurs when our fast communication tools lead to misunderstanding and simply confusion.

One of my favorite statements is that “we must slow down so we can go faster”. That is absolutely true in the realm of people to people communication. We need to get folks together face-to-face to make certain everyone is getting the message clearly. Just sending out paperwork in the form of memos, checklists, procedures and texts without face-to-face communication can lead to disaster. Anything written can be set up for misinterpretation. I know you can think of lots of examples.

Even when we are meeting face-to-face we often do not use our most powerful tools for listening and having real communication – our eyes. It is true that a significant part of “verbal” communication is in non-verbal cues. People usually pick these up subconsciously or subliminally. That is why mom always knew you were lying – she was looking at you - as well as listening. Then sometimes the non-verbal clues are very obvious.

Ever had that “gut feeling” that an interviewee or team mate was not telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth? That was your recognition of the non-verbal cues kicking in. Ever had that gut feeling and ignored it? It probably bit you for not going with it, right? Learn to listen to it.

Yet today we see folks in face-to-face settings and one or more folks are concentrating on some electronic device in front of them. They are talking but not really listening because they are not looking at each other.

And yet we can all agree that good communication can really reduce drama in the work force. What are you going to do with your communication in the future?

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